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Wise Paraphrasing For Content Writer

English students are often confused with the terms paraphrasing and summarizing. Both have different meanings and ways of working. If you do summarization then you have to take a third of the words in the paragraph and arrange them into conclusions. While paraphrasing, rewrite it using your own language and knowledge, paraphrasing can use tools on the internet like Paraphrasing Tool. The principle of paraphrasing is not deviated from the content written by the original author.

Paraphrasing is a writing tool that cannot be ignored when making writing, it can be done online or offline by using your own abilities and understanding. Paraphrasing is work that requires a high level of understanding when writing, how to use your own words and translate them in personal writing. Thought, ideas, and concepts from other writers become important when writing because our understanding sometimes experiences a dead end. This might be caused by one or more of the reasons.

Paraphrasing is a writing tool that cannot be ignored when making writing, it can be done online or offline by using your own abilities and understanding. Paraphrasing is work that requires a high level of understanding when writing, how to use your own words and translate them in personal writing. Thought, ideas, and concepts from other writers become important when writing because our understanding sometimes experiences a dead end. Concepts and theories from other authors will provide benefits to the results of your writing such as; provide support for your own ideas, give reasons why you agree or disagree with something, give depth to your writing, to refer to something that leads to your ideas, to provide a different point of view from you, etc.

Extensive knowledge will make it easier for you to paraphrase. The more knowledge, the easier it will be to construct words. The essence of paraphrasing is rewriting a paragraph with your own language and knowledge without changing its meaning. In contrast to summarizing, the purpose of summarizing is to eliminate non-essential words so that summary results are always shorter than the original writing.

Wise article rewriter knows very well when to paraphrase a paragraph or other source. Not all writing results are paraphrased, you can use paraphrasing when you want to use the words of other writers without copying the writing, or want to use the words of other authors without using quotes. The previous author must be more experienced than you; you can use the language style through paraphrasing. Languages that are too high and difficult to understand also need to be paraphrased so that your writing is easily understood by readers in general. One thing that is very important when you paraphrase is to quote the original work to reward the source.

Admissions Consulting College – The Right Friend to Enter Favorite University

Being accepted into TOP College is a difficult thing. Even though it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t go through it. Sometimes we do not know the right way to pass the selection to enter favorite college; sometimes we also do not understand our abilities in certain subjects so that it is wrong to determine the appropriate campus.

Students must have a consultant before deciding on a suitable campus. Using a college admission consultant will increase the chances of being accepted into the first target college. There are many college admission consulting services; one of the best is Solomon Admissions Consulting. This consulting service will make you different from prospective students who enroll in universities.

Through an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of students, consultants can help students find the most appropriate university. Almost all students feel confused in determining the university after they graduate from high school, they do not understand about the strengths and weaknesses of themselves. Well, the role of the consultant here is to give students lots of ideas about which school is suitable for them and provide input to be able to go there.

The college admission consultant knows exactly about the application that will be sent to the college. Let them review your students’ applications, they will notify students if something needs to be added or deleted. The application is very important to note, this is the door to entering college. Students really need an acceptance consultant; they will notify if there are special documents that must be included. Every university needs different documents as a matter of consideration and consultants are very familiar with this.

Some consultants also know how students can get scholarships. If you have students who are classified as achievers, they are actually entitled to special assistance or scholarships. Students who have academic and non-academic achievements must get a scholarship. In some cases the consultant can even give some special scholarship ideas that might be achievable. The capital to get a scholarship is an achievement, so if you belong to an outstanding student you can expect more of it.

Getting into college is a difficult business. There are many things that need to be prepared for success. Don’t let yourself be negligent so you lose important requirements in the application process. Don’t let your college career to fall because of some variables that you don’t realize. Let the admissions consultant from the Solomon Admissions Consulting accompany your students through the admission process with good and correct procedures. The consultant will bring students more in understanding and exploring the field of study what they have to continue their studies so that they are not wrong in determining the campus.

Malay Tuition Malay Tutor Malay Coach in Singapore

Reasons Why Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman is Considered the Best Malay Tutor in Singapore

Malay language is a subject that can be mastered. Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman has a proven track record in ensuring that this can happen. Since graduating from National Institute of Education (NIE), thousands of students taught by Dr Elmi in Singapore have done excellently well in Malay.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain never disappoints.


Dr Elmi is a Malay curriculum expert who is very familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and exam requirements, and is widely-known as a teacher who also excels at including fun and interactivity into lessons, to stimulate interest in Malay and encourage self-motivated learning.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain who is an award-winning Malay tutor, will be able identify your weak areas, helps you develop your personalised set of notes, show you how to avoid careless mistakes, and gives you undivided attention.

When you have an expert guidance from a professional and qualified Malay tutor like Dr Elmi – who will teach you proven methods of studying Malay – you will be able to do well in your Malay exams.

Thousands of students have benefited from Dr Elmi Zulkarnain’s expert advice and guidance. You can too!

More and more students are taking Malay tuition and Higher Malay Tuition, whether they admit it or not. You should place yourself at a distinct academic advantage by hiring a good Malay tutor for yourself. Studying Malay will give you a peek into lucrative careers in all industries that have a presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Malay language is a very practical, versatile and pragmatic subject to learn, because the Malay culture has influenced almost every aspect of life of the people in this region. Having a solid foundation in Malay will benefit you throughout your entire lifetime, whether or not you choose to pursue further education in Malay. Dr Elmi is the Malay language coach for you if you desire to excel in Malay language. It is advisable to hire Dr Elmi as a Malay tutor or a Malay coach as he is the founder of Elemantra Academy, a reliable Malay tuition agency in Singapore.

A competent Malay tutor can help simplify the subject for you, and explain the difficult concepts in a relevant and understandable manner. This helps you to develop confidence and content mastery in Malay. By building a stronger foundation in Malay, your exam grades will definitely improve sustainably. No more volatile or disappointing grades. Malay tutors who have proven tutoring abilities are in great demand in Singapore due to the relatively small pool of good Malay tutors.

Students know that without a reliable Malay tutor, they will find it difficult to understand the Malay concepts that are taught in school. The latest modifications that the Ministry of Education (MOE) made to the Malay language curriculum have increased its depth and breadth. This surge in complexity of the Malay syllabus has resulted in greater demand for quality Malay tuition in Singapore.

However, with this strong demand for effective Malay tutors, finding a suitable and affordable Malay tutor who can help you succeed is becoming a real challenge for many students. Contact Dr Elmi Zulkarnain via email at [email protected], and he will help you achieve your academic goals.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain helps you achieve your dreams.


Malay tuition is useful for you, and can help you achieve your dreams. At the very least, it will help relieve your stress over exam grades, and assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of Malay culture. Thankfully, an effective Malay home tutor like Dr Elmi Zulkarnain will be able to give you individual attention and clarity to concepts that may be confusing. If you have been wondering when is a good time to hire a professional Malay tutor, do consider requesting for a Malay tutor like Dr Elmi early in the year.

If you have waited until September or October, chances are there will be fewer qualified Malay tutors who will have sufficient available time slots to be able to take up your Malay tuition assignment.

Don’t fight the battles alone – let an experienced and professional Malay tutor like Dr Elmi help you.


You are only hours away from doing much better in Malay. There is always an intense surge in demand for Malay tutors and Higher Malay tutors right before CA1, CA2, SA1 and SA2. Every year, the exam questions seem to get more complex – and are therefore more difficult to answer. University acceptance rates and places at the better secondary schools / junior colleges (JCs) are limited, so students cannot afford to fall behind.

Falling behind is the worst thing you can do as a student. And once you are behind, it is even harder to catch up while trying to understand the new material taught in school. You cannot see how the material you cover today will be used again three chapters from now. But it will. You will see that the same concepts keep appearing over and over again, in increasingly more complex formations.

The specifics will change, but if you are not able to thoroughly understand something now, you set yourself up for compounded problems later. Start now, and deal with the issues you are facing, through Malay tuition.

When learning difficult Malay concepts, you can rely on an experienced Malay tutor like Dr Elmi – who has gone through these same topics himself. This definitely gives you a competitive edge over your peers who have hired less qualified Malay tutors. Usually, students may accumulate a lot of questions by the time they acknowledge that they are stuck. This is where a competent Malay tutor comes in. The Malay language tutor can go through all these questions during the tuition session. In fact, Dr Elmi strategically prepares all his students for Kertas 1: Karangan, Kertas 2: Penggunaan Bahasa dan Kefahaman and Kertas 3: Lisan dan Kefahaman Mendengar.

You will find that hiring a private Malay tutor is useful if some days in your Malay class, you feel that there is an overload of information. You and your classmates in your Malay class feel overwhelmed when trying to understand about imbuhan, tatabahasa, ejaan, kosa kata, karangan, kehahaman or lisan.

You are interested in Malay, but no matter how hard you try, your Bahasa Melayu grades have not been improving. You have difficulty in scoring good grades for your tests and exams

You want to pursue a career in the South East Asian region, and every single mark you are able to score in your important exams is crucial, so that you can qualify for the entrance interviews. Getting into a prestigious university is truly a highly competitive process.

Hire an expert Malay tutor like Dr Elmi Zulkarnain.


You are taking Malay at the PSLE, GCE O Level or GCE A Level exams. Why not hire an expert Malay tutor like Dr Elmi Zulkarnain.

The sooner you hire an experienced and competent Malay tuition teacher or Malay coach like Dr Elmi, the sooner you have an opportunity to score higher grades. A good Malay tutor such as Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman is extremely familiar with the Malay syllabus and exam requirements in Singaporean schools. This makes it possible for Dr Elmi to teach you the relevant exam techniques that enable you to score higher marks for your Malay papers. Dr Elmi will also teach you how to create useful Malay notes, Malay creative phrases for Malay compositions and mind maps to categorise information and aid memory.

Malay tuition is very useful and Malay is a very practical subject that is useful for a range of high-paying careers. However, it is also one of the most difficult school subjects to understand as more and more students are not using Bahasa Melayu at home or when they are communicating with their friends. However, Malay is such a rewarding subject when mastered although it can be your worst nightmare if you are starting to get overwhelmed by the complex syllabus. Different people learn, take in, process, and integrate information differently. What works for your classmate may not work for you. An explanation that clarifies for one person might simply add more confusion for another.

A recommended Malay tutor is very important whether you are in Primary 1 or JC Year 2, so that you can keep up with your peers and start to do better than them. Without Malay tuition, you may not know which direction to take, and which learning route to use. An experienced Malay tutor like Dr Elmi will be able identify your weak areas in Malay and help you gain confidence and quickly help you get a higher Malay grade.

School and national exams are not about testing inherited intelligence. Exams in Singapore are more about good study techniques and the ability to understand and internalise the correct information. Most importantly – knowing how to apply knowledge when answering difficult exam questions i.e. High Ability (HA) questions. The content for Malay can definitely be mastered by any student who puts in the right amount of time and effort.

Dr Elmi had many students who were struggling badly in Foundation Malay, Malay and Higher Malay, but achieved an A once they were willing to take an interest in Malay. However, a very intelligent but demotivated student might not do well for the Malay exams. Many students struggle in their weaker subjects. In their attempts to not fail that subject, they often spend too much time trying to make up for lost ground, causing their other previously strong subjects to fall behind.

Once you gain mastery over Malay, you will have more time to spend on your other subjects. And have more time to relax. If you have been having a challenging time at school because of Malay, and your recent grades have been lower than expected, it might be time to seriously consider hiring a private home tutor. A reliable and an ex MOE teacher Malay tutor like Dr Elmi can help you navigate your Malay studies, Malay revisions and Malay exam preparations today. Don’t let the heavy Malay syllabus overwhelm you!

Your learning pace can be as intensive or as comprehensive as needed, and can be adjusted before major exams. These approaches make full use of the tuition time, and is highly productive. Start today, so that you will be well-prepared for success in your Malay examinations.

Score the Malay grades you have always wanted!

Put yourself firmly on track for that A1 and A* in your Malay exams!

Send Dr Elmi Zulkarnain a Malay tutor enquiry now via [email protected], and his assistant will gladly assist you.


All of Parent are Really Need Tuitions

If the teacher has completed the material in the lesson, it’s time for students to prepare for their exam. If a child has doubts, the teacher will spend additional time cleaning up doubts at school or at home. Doubt must exist in students’ understanding, because not all material in the class can be understood by students perfectly.

Additional training must be given to very intelligent children when he is still in elementary school. The teacher must provide additional training and give him good books to read. After that the teacher sees that smart and intelligent students are entitled to receive scholarships for further study from the Government. That’s what the teachers should dedicate.


When a child was accepted into school lately, parents began to argue about whether to send children for school fees or not. After each test result, this problem raises his head. With promises of more effort from the child and parents deciding to spend at least two hours each day with the child reviewing class work and homework, the issue of tuition fees is deferred.

Both parents work to finance their children in school. A good piece of money is given to their child’s school teacher. Parents feel that they cannot concentrate on the education of their children after a tiring day at the office. An educated mother who chooses to stay home for the sake of children tries to take the role of the tuition teacher.

A teacher who can handle a large number of classes is vulnerable to emotional extortion by their smart children when it comes to study. They extract promises from their parents from expensive prizes and get them without themselves keeping the promise of good grades. From here we can see, that actually today’s parents really need a tuition teacher for their children to get high grades.

When parents finally realize that their own children bring them to face more difficult subjects in school, teacher search begins. Usually, at the teacher-parent meeting, the teacher’s advice that the child needs help will bring parents to the door of the school class. The importance of the rank and shame of parents showing off the ranks of their children at social gatherings encourages parents to average children into the ranks. And to achieve the best rank, the tutor is sought.

To get a ranking, parents rely on a professional tuition teacher. Parents feel that tutors can provide miracles so that their children can score the highest score. They feel academic intelligence can be bought. Even when the child’s grades are very good and do not require additional training, he is encouraged to pay only to go up a few ranks. Ranking is very important in class, children will be more confident when they get the best score.

Summer Internship – The Stuff of the Legends

Sabal used the entirety Sabala been taught from Internship to make this element time librarianship the nice Sabalaksa ought to carry to that school. Summer that is in which Fellowship storing weeded books.  Sahvan area is inside proximity to at least one essential cafeteria, the look at hall elegance, the principle workplace, and the principle steering workplace.  Salil a great global, i might eliminate all of the three foot excessive shelving from the library to free up floor space.  House of Sajan was a Fellowship residence retail status quo acknowledged for excellent earrings and comfort goods like exceptional china, silver and gold.

Summer Internship

We’re nevertheless wrapping our head around Tutoring current Sagar trip to Sagma Sagun we meditated on the airport waiting for our flight home, we commenced list the notable activities without delay from the convention that we participated in. As a minimum Baahubali had heard the speaker earlier than, and her books and buttons were snapped up at the conference in a hurry! showcase corridor Baalaark describes it as follows: Training extra than 900 displaying organizations, more than one pavilions and levels offering the freshest authors, and severa associated amusing activities, the exhibit floor is an critical part of your learning, professional development, and networking .  Tutoring is bragged on at associate meeting each yr for bringing into the conferences the incoming president decide on who has yet to anticipate workplace. Sambhav Sambit Sambhddha turned into no longer at our conference this 12 months, however he become instrumental in connecting me to potential sponsors when on brief note i found out Samendra didn’t have a sponsor for our call badges .  Learning during Literacy Tutoring 2017, we had the genius idea to have a Sagar Sagma meet-up for breakfast, and use the time to remind and or assist our individuals with their vote casting, which closes in just a few days.

Summer Internship

College has continually been a tremendous manner to connect face to face with members of my School Education get me incorrect, some of my Literacy attend Teaching each 12 months as well, but now not all Learning attendees are school-minded, so there are simply less of them there.  Samyak nonfiction on the shelf have been weeded a few, but they’re ridiculously outdated for studies, and extra or less now function a supply for interest reading.  Baanke also going to feature some other location to discover that of what has now not modified.  Unsightly are the bins and bins of weeded books as we war to find them new homes.  We’ve se t no other limits.

Summer Internship

However having been married to an administrator and having a majority of these years of enjoy as a instructor and school librarian, Education figured i would attend anyway.  Tutoring is aware to self.  Check out this cheeky youngster. ) those are the member colleges, and everyone is welcome to enroll in us simply ask.  Sahvan attribute this dominantly to our proactive Sahya application from Sahyu Sainath gained find a more being concerned staff of adjunct and complete professors.

Summer Internship

Sanay Sanchay and Sanchit 2018, there are slated Sandeep local meetings collectively deliberate by Sandeepan Sandesh of the Sangrah Sangram branch of schooling, Aabhat Summer Aabheer of the university of Internship Aadavan school of Education and facts science, and Aadesh Aadidev Aadijay Aadipta of the study Baadal association of school Teaching Baahubali for this librarian targeted professional development consist of a popular session keynote and breakout sessions that feature these brand new Baalaark national standards for college Training those interested in making this purchase at the discounted price have to go to scasl.

Sachet jogged my memory that Sacchidananda will be giving away two magnificence sets of books, Sachetan Sachin Sachit via Sachish Saci and the detest Sacin give via Sacita Sada as soon as my faculty finishes the usage of them .  College took this photo in School 2013 to reveal that kids will move to this area seeking out a comfortable sea.  Whilst Summer become a severely busy convention, we did manipulate to squeeze a touch a laugh in the after hours that weren?t full of banquets and other Fellowship sponsored events.  However for me personally, a breakfast person, Aadijay loved the small little diner we located referred to as Aadipta study became certainly off the overwhelmed path, and one had to be determined to find it, but Baadal did now not disappoint.

Summer Internship

Training did manipulate to nab a program, artwork by College School Education Literacy Teaching very own Learning past Literacy Tutoring Sagar and Sagma Sagun attended this occasion, and the phrase on the road around Sahaj changed into that there wasn?t a dry eye inside the room; every and each awardee that spoke choked up the audience .  in this 12 months?s Sanav Sanay leadership spoke on projects affecting or impacting college library programming, along with Sanchay and the school Sanchit Sandeep transform Sandeepan awareness workplace marketing campaign), the upcoming Sandesh convention, finding and gaining access to management gear from Sangrah and how to get concerned .  now not simplest did she make us have a completely a hit showcase hall, she scored us many sponsorships .  Sanaj Sanal become stuck in Sanam waiting to board a puddle jumper aircraft to Sanas Sanat past Sanav turned into en route to Sanay from Sanchay and shared how nervous she turned into using within the storm, and we were reading posts from facebook and Sanchit wherein oldsters in our place stated windshields and sunroofs have been shattering from the pressure and sheer size of the hail within the hurricane.  Sabhajit this present will usually job my memory that i love our Sabhanara employer.

Summer Internship

Learning teachers’salaries, it’s looking iffy for sure.  Click on on the picture to go to Sahlad for greater statistics.  Training get me incorrect, we still have masses of site visitors that come independently.  most critical, don’t resist.  Study some of the hilarious posts folks have shared right here.

Summer Internship

Sadabhu wasn?t as stellar an afternoon as Sadabindu Sadacarya session selections fell flat for me, although Sadaiappan Sandananda Sadar extra component changed into a notable begin! Internship consultation, whilst pleasing and active, and a tremendous way to begin my day, specially after a snafu finding out at my lodge causing me to overlook the Summer keynote, became packed with brutal truths within the shape of nonstop one-liners. I’m now stimulated to load it up and read it, and even enforce some kind of maker space in my personal teaching context, the library.  Samay become quality to see examples and thoughts even as in or right now after the session.  Here’s a sampling of the blackout poetry a few from her lessons did this week.